Dual, Triple, Quad RAM Difference

I'm looking at building a new computer and was hoping for some advice about the different channel memory modules available.

What's the real world difference in performance like between the three bands? Is it worth spending more to get quad channel modules or is it more cost effective to get dual/triple band?

Is the channel width you can effectively use restricted by the motherboard? I was looking to get the Asus Maximus V GENE, but under the tech specs it only specifies dual channel under the supported memory types. Does this mean it would be pointless to get some quad channel modules on this motherboard?

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  1. The Dual/Triple/Quad channel memory parts simply are kits of 2, 3, or 4 identical modules. When looking to purchase, you match what your motherboard wants. In the case of the mentioned Asus, it's dual channel. Should you want to install more than 2 modules, you should install 4. Never 3 for this board (it will work, but not the optimal configuration).
    I'm not sure what amount of RAM you're looking to get, but I'd stick with 1 dual channel kit (2 modules) for optimal performance.

    To answer your question regarding "real world speed difference", to be honest there's not much. Single vs dual is not 2x the gain. It's more like 10%. None the less, if you're building new, build in the optimal configuration... at the end of the day10% is 10%! :)
  2. I agree somewhat but keep in mind that like 1x 8g chip would be better then 2 x 2x2 gig kits or 1 x 2x4 gig kit. So the bigger the mem stick the better they run imo.The channel is irrelevent any 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x mem channel sticks will work in any of the corresponding slots...Like he said tho in small ram sticks if you place 4 sticks in a duel channel board it will act like 2 ram sticks basicly.
  3. Quote:
    I agree somewhat but keep in mind that like 1x 8g chip would be better then 2 x 2x2 gig kits or 1 x 2x4 gig kit

    The spirit of your entire message is correct. But this quoted statement isn't 100% accurate. In a dual channel board, 2x 4GB modules will be faster than 1x 8GB. This is because you need 2 modules to enable dual channel. You cannot get dual channel out of 1 module.

    But the overall spirit of your post is right - less modules is better, as long as all channels are populated.
  4. Please explain why 1x8 better than 2x4
  5. It has everything to do with the data rate that the memory uses for its timing. Since most stick are ddr3 the cycles are spread out through the 2, or in older technologies 3, chips to aquire the date rate advertised. That is the most simplistic way of wording it, but if you would like more information on memory data rates, it can be easily obtained through a google search or in any computer hardware literature.
  6. Dual/triple/quad is the number of channels supported by the memory interface as in dual channel or quad channel. This is in addition to DDR (double data rate).
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