Problems Using Router With ATT DSL


I am having a problem with my Internet connection.

I have ATT DSL. My connection runs fine if I have my modem hardwired directly into my computer. However, when I bring a router into the equation, I will get Internet for a spell and then everything will drop. I then have to reset both the modem and router to have a fighting chance for everything to work.

I have experienced this same problem with two modems and three routers. I am not tech savvy and not sure what else I can or should do. I cannot put my finger on the culprit. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. the modems are not made to use both USB and Network port at the same time.

    connect the router to the modem and then all computers to the router.
  2. Thanks for the response but I am confused. I am not sure what USB port you are referring to. Thanks again.
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