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I'm a first time builder and I've spend most of the day building an i5-2500 with an Asus H67 Pro Board, Antec 300, 8GB G. SKill Ram, Corsair VX450 psu, Asus 9600gso GPU, WD 500gb hd. When I firsted tried to turn it on, it didn't work but after a few times trying it finally did but the monitor is blank. The lights are on and both fans are running. Mobo light is green but my monitor is still just blank? Please help me out! Thanx.
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  1. Double check your connections. Does the GPU require the 6 pin connector? Try running it with just one stick of ram. If all fails, pull it out and try running it on a piece of crdboard.
  2. Are you using the video out on your GPU or on your motherboard?
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