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I recently changed the thermal paste on my CPU and had a small spill, which I cleaned up. The PC seems to be working fine however the sound has stopped working, it says that an HD audio device is not plugged in. I tried reinstalling the drivers, and restoring the computer to an earlier date however it has not helped. When I go into the device manager, there is one yellow exclamation at other devices, for "USB Controller", what could this be, and how can I install the driver for it? I'm pretty sure it likely to be the reason for why the sound isn't working however I have no idea how to figure out what it can be.

Any help is highly appreciated,

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  1. I've tried reinstalling the drivers again and tried disabling the front panel ports, however the computer seems to detect the front panel ones when I actually disable them. I tried going into safe mode and removing all the sound devices and the yellow exclamations, no go. I think it might be best to simply get a cheap sound card, probably cheaper then trying to figure out what's wrong with the motherboard sound.
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