Maximum temeprature on Asus LGA775 boards

Hi everyone,

I have a
- Asus p5g41t-m lx (LGA775 mother board with G41 chipset and 82801GB suthbridge)
- a E6600 dual core
- Coolermaster 450w power

Recently I added an EVGA GTS450 graphics card. At the same time I added 3 fans (8cm each, two blowing in, 1 out).

The problem is that when I start a game, PC Probe software produces alarm because the Motherboard temperature (I don't know which chip) has reached 45c (37 in normal computing). CPU and Graphics temperatures are ok.

1- How much is the maximum allowed temperature for the motherboard? 45c or it's just PC Probe's default?

2- Is 3 fans not enough for my medium sized (40*38*18 cm^3) case? What should I add if it is not enough?
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  1. 45C is PC Probe default for sure, you can change that at any time for a higher temp limit.
  2. Jemm, thanks. But what is the highest allowed and safe for the motherboard. I cannot find it in the manual or on the internet.
  3. You might want to have a look at
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