Fresh reinstall, quick question for Gigabyte Mobo

I have a Z68X-UD4-B3 with an i5-2500K

Since my OCZ Vertex2 (RMA'd replacement crashed for a SECOND time within a year)... NEVER BUY OCZ, stay away from them.
Sketchy company and deceitful ways....

Anyways I digress,

Here's the link to the drivers, my OS is Windows-7 (64).

Do I have to download and install every single thing I see listed in each category?
I don't mind doing so, but I just thought I'd ask before doing anything.

Thanks in advance, very much appreciated.

FYI - I did flash my BIOS to F10 last night, without a hitch - that is definitely nerve racking though. lol
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  1. I would start by installing Win7. Go into Device Mgr and see what is showing up as generic drivers and missing drivers (yellow ?). You may very well need all of them. Drivers only, utilities are not required.
  2. Thanks, now that I've done that, the only thing that has yellow exclamation marks are the following.

    I haven't done any updates to Windows 7, although there are 81 updates ready to go.
    Should I allow Windows to do this or use the Gigabyte drivers?

    Thanks again.
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