Issue with first build

Hey guys, I recently built my first PC, everything seems to be working fine until I put the GPU under load.

Whenever I play games or watch movies after about 5-10 minutes it suddenly crashes. I have tried installing the latest drivers, but I am not sure where to go from here. Here's my Build:

Intel i5-2500k
Asus P8P67 PRO
G.Skill 8gb (2x4gb)
MSI GeForce 560 ti Twin Frozr
Corsair 650TX
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb
NZXT Phantom

Thanks for the help.
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  1. have you checked to make sure your PSU is functioning correctly? I believe there is a guide somewhere on this forum...
  2. Yeah you should check PSU and also test your Ram with memtest86. Check your temps for M/B, CPU, and video card while under load as well.
  3. Alright, sorry for the late reply, was out of town for a few days. I ran memtest86 and everything came out OK. I also checked the temps:

    CPU: Topped out at 51°C
    Video Card: 64°C
    Motherboard: 31°C

    Also, I can watch You Tube videos without a problem until I make them full screen, at which point the computer resets. Not sure if this matters but the resolution of my monitor is 1920x1080.

    Thanks Again.

    Edit: Also I was unable to find a way to test my PSU. Except for the paper clip method, which seemed more of a way to see if a PSU worked prior to an install, but I could be wrong.
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