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Help choosing a MB for 3570K


I am doing a Ivy-bridge upgrade and i need some help choosing a MB for the build. As my title says i will be Using a i5 3570K, i don't plan to overclock right away but i will in the future so i want a motherboard that will allow me to do that well.

I have a tight budget and i have picked a few MB's in that range. If you have anyother suggestions all my parts will be bought from and my limit is $179.99 for the board.

Here is what i have picked:

(Intel BOXDZ77BH55K)



(ASRock Z77 Pro4)

Thanks for you input :)
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  1. Hi there, get the (GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H) out of those choices.
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    It did well in the Tom's review. This board is a great choice.,3187.html

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  4. Good luck!
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