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Ok, this is probably not the right thread, but its the closest i could get. i have this old computer and it has 500 + gigs of hard drive space, a AMD athalon 3700 + OC'd to 2.3 Ghz, and about 512 MB of RAM. I want to install a server OS. I want the server to be able to store all my music and movies. I want to be able to stream to my Xbox 360 , and other Windows 7 computers on my home network, as well as be able to stream and get files on the go with my laptop(Win 7) and my Android phone(sammy captivate Galaxy S). even if i cant get Windows home server any NOS will suffice.
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  1. I would just use win 7, I don't know how well it would work with only 512 megs of ram. Maybe if you turned off all of the eye candy 7 has it will work.
    But it can share files and share media that everything can access
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