[Solved] No Audio Output Device is Installed PLEASE HELP!!!

I just put Windows xp sp3 on my pc, i have no audio, I've checked my devices maniger to try to update, rollback, and reinstall. my audio out put it on my m-board, bout it's not idenifying if, i've tryed looking on intel's & microsoft web pages for these drivers, but they don't have them, so my question is 1) How can i get my audio device idenified? 2) How can I get these drivers without out paying for them?
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  1. perhaps you need the disc that came with your motherboard, sometimes they contain the drivers necessary for such things.
  2. Pardon not to thread jack but I too have the same prob. Have driver; sound and audio devices properties box states no audio device. Hardware audio codecs and legacy audio drivers working properly. Audio enabled in BIOS/resident aud device
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