Error reading from drive A:DOS area: unknown command given to driver

I just bought a new computer today and the man at the store said all I have to do was pop in the installation disk for the motherboard and I was all set (he said it in Chinese and I'm America)....but now when I turn the computer on it asks me to choose somethng to boot up then after I put the mentioned disk in it tells me to select 1 of 3 options (1. Intel 32bit RAID/AHCI Driver 2. Intel 64bit RAID/AHCI Driver 3. FreeDOS command prompt). whichever one I choose it still leads me to the same "Error Reading drive A:DOS area: unknown command given to driver".
The motherboard I'm using is ASUS P8Z77-V
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  1. if your os will be 32 then use 32 but if it wil be 64 then use 64
  2. but I still get the same error choosing either one
  3. did you put a os first on the drive,you need one to install the motherboard disc
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