System no longer boots.

Built it in August 2010.
Everything worked just fine with the exception of the GPU, that sometimes would overheat because the fan would somehow go to 0 RPM! And temps would climb to 102C before some kind of auto shut down.

No longer boots since May 10th, 2011.


When I turn it on, it keeps turning itself on and off, as if it were flashing. Everything lights up, all fans, GPU fan, you can hear the HD lit up, but then it all shuts off right away every 2 seconds or so. I have no idea what this means.

Possible Cause

Before this happened, the system would completely shut off out of the blue. Mostly occurs when I'm browsing the internet. I can't remember if it shuts off when I'm doing anything else. It would do this for several days and then one day it just didn't reboot anymore.

It's not the GPU though, I placed a new one in there to see if it'd help but same problem. I also placed my GPU in another comp, works just fine.

i7 930 @ 2.86 Ghz
GTX 470
Windows 7 Home 64 Bit

Anything helps, thanks in advance!
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  1. Your HDD may be in bad condition, how far does it get in the startup process, does it POST (beep)?
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    +1 HDD

    Remove the motherboard battery for a minute or so then put it back in and try booting. Some bios setting might be amiss - removing the battery should put it back to factory defaults.
  3. Thanks guys, I'll try a different HDD and if that doesn't do it, I'll try the mobo battery.
  4. I would also suggest taking a close look at the PSU.
  5. Since you have 6GB of RAM (I'm assuming multiple chips), try reducing that to 2Gig and try again
  6. Times like this I wish I had a modular PSU, wires are all over the place. Gf's comp uses nearly identical parts, would had been able to do a quick swap with a modular setup.

    I've tried reducing it to 4GB but haven't tried 2GB. Out of town atm so I'll give all these suggestions a try as soon as I get back home.

    Thanks guys!
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