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Hi all. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and am looking for everyone's opinion on the best video card to get. I would also like to know why you think this card is better than others out there for gaming and multi-screen. (currently 2 screens, thinking of getting 1 more). My budget is right around 250ish. Thoughts?
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  1. 6950 bios shader underclock , flash, and oc to 6970 speed. save yourself $100.

    Since you have two screens, get a 2GB. better for high resolution.
  2. Yea, reading through my original post, I was a bit vague and I apologise. It's funny you should mention the 6950 because that is exactly what I was looking at last night after looking at some benchmark tests here.

    Honestly, as far as games go, the only game I currently play is WoW with my wife and this card is WAY overkill for that but I want the potential to do more. The main purpose actually comes down to multi-monitor applications. I currently have 2 monitors and want to upgrade that to 3. I work from home and always have alot going on the screens (multiple browser tabs in multiple windows, several rdp and shell sessions up, etc). I believe that my computer can handle the load just fine (Q6600, 8GB Ram, 32G SSD for OS and main programs) but my video card is a geforce 8600gts. What are your overall thoughts on the link I posted?

    Thanks and sorry for my earlier ignorance.
  3. I think he is using WINE.
    Emulation software.
    Personally I would go for a GTS 450 as it is $100,DirectX11and nVidia has better driver support for Linux.
    Pre-Overclocked too as overclocking in Linux may be difficult.
  4. Your 8GB of RAM is perfect for what you've described your routines as, also for WoW, so that's fine. TBH your biggest limiting factor with filling those two [or soon-to-be three] screens will probably be your Q6600. While a great old chip, it's falling behind, and WoW is very CPU limited. I can't really recommend a new chip with your budget though, as anything better for LGA775 is more expensive than buying an i5-760.

    For you, I'd recommend staying Nvidia. Ati is better in recent years with their linux drivers, but Nvidia has supported linux for longer and therefore, will generally be less of a pain in the ass for you. Also, as shown several times, WoW doesn't like Radeon. [,2878-12.html]


    It's slightly beaten out by the 6950 in most cases, but for the reasons I just mentioned, you may consider it. The only other thing to mention would be that the 560 only has a GB of RAM, and if you move up to 3 screens that will probably start to hurt you.
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