Xbox 360 wont find computer

I originally had my xbox 360 connected via ethernet cable to a belkin router to a modem... i now have bought a new modem and a router (cisco linksys) i keep on trying to connect to the network and it will not find it.. im getting frustrated and am thinking about buying a wireless set up... whats wrong with my xbox or what i am doing?
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  1. need more info about your router setup dude
  2. I also cannot connect to my network. I have AT&T Uverse. My xbox goes through the docking station to the internet but won't identify my computer for media sharing. The computer connects wirelessly through the station. What could it Be?
  3. what operating system are you running..

    Are you saying that your computer does not show up on your xbox..
    Do you go to videos or music on the xbox and choose your computer?

    Or is it that your computer shows but does not show any media?
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