Micro ATX Motherboard fit in MID ATX CASE?

will this motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138283

fit into this case via standoff screws http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.710321

also will the included powersupply have the correct 24PIN + 4PIN motherboard power connectors for the mobo I want?
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  1. Yes, the motherboard will fit in the case. Mid-ATX cases can accommodate a standard ATX board-size, and the board you listed here is a micro-ATX form factor (meaning it is not as long as an ATX board). The only real limitation here is that micro-ATX boards typically do not have slots for more than one graphics card. If you want to use more than one, or if you just want the option for a future upgrade to a multi GPU setup, you will need an ATX board with more than one PCIE x16 slot.

    One thing I should mention, however, is that the power supply in the combo deal uses a 20-pin power connector. The board requires a 24-pin connector, so you should find a power supply with that specification. Normally I would provide an alternative, however I'm not very well versed in power supplies, so I don't know which brands are most reliable (aside from Corsair, however they make power supplies mainly for gamers/enthusiasts).
    Hope this helped!
  2. Thanks for your replies, but I am confused about the 20+4 Pin connectors, ive noticed that 20+4 Pin connectors are basically one big 24Pin connector, and there is another power requirement on some motherboards that have 4 or 8 pins for the CPU. Do all powersupplies come with a 24 Pin connector and an additional 4 or 8 pin connector for the CPU? UnitedExpress the powersupply that comes with the CoolerMaster in the combo has a 20+4 Pin connector, aka a 24Pin connector? That of which is the same power connector as the powersupplys lilotimz posted 20+4? Do they all come with an extra 4-8 Pin connector for the CPU?
  3. All quality build power supplies come with 20+4 pins and usually 2 four pins for extra power. These two are the ones i work with the most when helping people with budget builds or replacing OEM parts from mass manufactured PC's. Both have the extra connectors and goodies so don't worry about it.
  4. A case is either ATX or it is not. The holes are all in the same place by design for Mini-itx, Micro ATX, ATX. ATX just has more holes and is longer.

    Some motherboards do have some extra support mounting holes so sometimes built-in mounting holes needs to be drilled out or something like that. Some cases are also EATX Extended ATX. Then there are custom designed motherboards and cases to watch out for.

    One thing to look out for:
    I have reused some large ATX cases before and sometimes the cables that go from the Case Controls to the edge of the motherboard like Power, reset, HD indicators, are not long enough for a MATX motherboard.
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