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Help me understand my Core i5-650 w/6GB DDR3

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August 13, 2011 3:59:18 AM

I bought a Lenovo H320 SFF PC over the tax-free weekend and I can't decide if I should keep it or not.
I paid $429 for it and it seems like good specs at that price, however....

I'm confused about the 6GB (up to 8GB) because as I understand it the 1156 mobo? is "duel channel" so I don't understand why they put 6gb in there(as oppossed to 4,8), will the other 2GB do anything to help the performance?

I'm not a gamer but also want a little future-proof protection as this PC must last me a few years.

My current PC is running Vista HP 64 bit with a E2200 and 4GB ram, Nvidia Geforce 7100, and has served me fine for the last ~3years.....

The Lenovo will be Windows 7 HP 64 bit with the Core i5-650, 6GB DDR3 ram and Intel HD integrated graphics. (It also has a HDMI port and I believe built-in WIFI)

I don't think I can really upgrade to a better GPU because it only has a 180w PSU,but there are other models that have a 250w PSU and an Geforce 310 so it is possible.
Sorry for my lack of understanding Hi-Tech details but I'm just trying to decide if this computer is a good buy for me at this price, as the newer 2nd Generation "Core i" proccessors seem out of my price range, but I'm a bit leary of the SFF platform.
All comment welcomed, and thanks for your time.

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August 13, 2011 4:08:11 AM

They likely have 2 2GB sticks and 2 1GB sticks giving you 6GB of ram in dual channel mode. Small form factor units are a pain to upgrade so dont expect to be doing many upgrades in the future without moving it to a new case first.

If you are just doing normal PC stuff(office docs, web browsing, movie watching) then an i5-650 and the integrated graphics on it should be more than enough for your needs.
August 13, 2011 3:27:37 PM

Thanks Hunter.