Is hdmi slot needed in monitor

my card is gtx 560ti .it has hdmi slot .i want to know why an hdmi slot is required in a monitor...
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    HDMI is only required if you want the monitor to receive both audio and video signals from the video card.
  2. im a gamer my card is gtx 560 how much inch i should buy a monitor 20 or 22 inch 20 inch is much cheaper than 21.5 inch..which is best in which i get a great picture and gaming quality 20 or 22 inch..20 inch has 1600*900 res and 22 inch has 1920*1080 res which will be future proof
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  4. I use a 22 inch 1920x1080 monitor, if you can I'd go for the 24 inch.
  5. your 560 would have no problems running anything at 1080. Of course thatmeans 900 would be a breeze for it. I would get the 1080 for the extra lines of resolution since you want a great image.
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