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A while ago I decided to update mu GPU Drivers (BAD decision!), and after a few tries, someon suggested me to first uninstall the drivers, run Driver Sweeper and then install the new drivers... I did that, but when I went to install the new drivers, the CCC and the drivers would not install! It simply ran the installation, did not give me any errors, but it didn't install either the CCC or the drivers! So then I tryed many ways to install the drivers (because now is with some crappy Standard VGA Adapter) but it simply will not install it!
So, I went and formatted my pc (with the Windows 7 SP1) and still got the same issue!

Any ideas?

My pc is a MSI GX660 notebook, and the gpu is a Radeon Mobility HD 5870

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  1. Ouch. Did you download the drivers from MSI or from AMD?

    Most video drivers for notebooks should be downloaded from the notebook manufacturer's web site and not AMD or Nvidia due to proprietary tweaks to original graphics card specifications, compatibility issues with other components, or some other reason.

    Try downloading the drivers from here:

    Make sure you choose the proper version of Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).

    Note - The drivers they are listing as compatible were released back in July 2010. That's just the nature of the notebook beast. Any other drivers you try are just a crapshoot.

    If this is unacceptable to you, you can go to the AMD site and just work your way backward chronologically through the available driver releases until you get to one that works on your laptop.
  2. Thx for the reply!

    I tryied with drivers from MSI and AMD, as well as many previous versions!

    I really think that the Driver Sweeper could have deleted something vital (and even reinstalling windows, I'm not fixing it...)

    Could it have messed up with the vbios or something like that?? If so, can I fix it?

    Because it seems as the notebook would simply not realize which gpu I have, and It would let it as the standard vga
  3. Driver Sweeper would not mess up your vbios. When you used Driver Sweeper, you just checked the ATI box and not the others, correct?
  4. Actually I checked ATI and Realtek audio also!

    But, now I updated the vbios and the notebook works just fine! =) Don't really know why, but there ya go!
  5. we got the same problem.. how did you do it?.. i'm want to update my vbios but i can't cause im using a x64bit OS..
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