Athlon II x2 245 to i5 2500k

So I am thinking about upgrading. I use this PC for mainly for gaming, transcoding, and rendering. What kind of performance boost would I see moving from an Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.6ghz to an i5 2500k running at hopefully 4ghz+ (with a Hyper 212+ HSF).

Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.6
CoolerMaster Hyper212+
785gm-e65 mobo (will be getting a z68 mobo w/ virtu probably)
Thermaltake TR2 600w
Radeon 5750

Another thing I've thought about is getting a 1090T and overclocking it to around 4ghz...

And feedback?
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  1. Oh you'll see about 2-3x performance. I use the Athlon II x2 255 instead of your 245. The i5-2500k overclock easily too so you can expect better performance than the benchmark:
  2. intel cpu + mobo too ( much money :D ). Ha ha it funny, I would save money, 1090 too much core for game, get phenom 955BE safe a lot of money.
    also re-sell 5750 and upgrade to gtx 560 / hd 6950 , just suggestion,
  3. +1 a 955BE overclocked any a better GPU is a much better upgrade unless you plan on getting a serious GPU or GPUs later
  4. Well I'm going to re-use the amd components in my HTPC anyway, so it's not totally going to waste.
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