Power Issue?

About half a year ago i upgraded my PSU and brought a Graphics card for my pc.
Shortly after one of the blue fans at the front of my pc stopped worked. I thought it had just died, so i did not worry too much.

I went to my friends place for a lan and suddenly it started work again :) I thought that this was cause he lives up a gravel road and my pc got knocked around a little.

When i got home and connected my pc up again the fan stopped working again?
Any ideas...
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  1. Its easier to imagine a loose connection than it is to suspect your psu can drive a pc with power requirements varying by at *least* 50W, but not run a very low power fan . . . at any time . . . only while at your house.

    Try giving the fan a kick-start with your finger . . . while the pc is running . . . at your house. It may not be able to start up from one specific stopped position.
  2. ok ill give that a try. But at the lan we turned off the computers 3 times... kind of a big coincidence?
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    Loose connection, or stuck fan top the list. Can't imagine a power problem that can possibly do that.

    Was there an *extreme* temperature difference (affecting the PC) between the two houses?
  4. Tried kick starting in in both directions... still not going.
    Ill have a look at the connection tomorrow.
    It would have been cooler if anything.
  5. Sure sounds like a problem with the connection or fan itself more than a power issue, since after all like twoboxer mentioned it would be odd for the power issue to display on a silly little fan lol
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