PCIe Gen 1 Compliant Motherboard request

Hi -
I have an urgent NEED for a motherboard that will ONLY support 2.5GT/s (250 MB/s) Gen 1.x data rate. This motherboard will require a x16 slot AND support cards other than graphics cards at x8 OR x16. Of the several motherboards that we have that are Gen 1.x compliant, if something other than a x16 Graphics card is installed the motherboard will only support the cards at x1. These are not acceptable.

This may be an unusual request, as we want to use the motherboard as a test bed to drive PCIe data across a a 10 foot custom cable to drive a x8 raid card + 4 solid state drives. The plan is to use IOmeter to quantify the capability of the cable only.

Does anyone know of an obsolete (or current) motherboard that will support my requirements.
I would appreciate some solid technical help with this issue.
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  1. Are you looking for a modern board (for a modern cpu) or would something like socket 939 work (or LGA775 with the Core 2 series)
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