Asus Xonar Essence STX

Hi guys,

Hoping to get some feedback from you regarding my imminent purchase of a soundcard, like most
people I use my system for the usual: music, gaming and every now and then movies/tv.
However music is my main focus, I have my tunes on all the time, I bought the Corsair SP2500 2.1
speaker system with music in mind and it sounds great even with onboard sound, however, despite
the very nice sound quality I seem to be getting I didn't buy those speakers just to have them plug
into my motherboard, I have around £200 to spend on a soundcard and I've had it in my mind from
day one that a decent soundcard is an upgrade I want to make.
I've entitled the thread with the "Xonar Essence STX" label because that seems to be a good card to
plug my 2.1 system into, my question(s) though is, for my budget and speaker system, is the
Essence STX likely to be a good companion for my speakers and are their other cards out there that
are likely to be more suitable, better quality and better value for money.
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  1. Why? What do you think you will get from a sound card that you aren't getting from the on-board sound? Motherboard sound today is very good quality. There was a time when a good soundcard was a requirement, but that time is long past.

    If you were using a true high fidelity system (separate pre and power amp and full size speakers), then you might hear the difference between the on-board sound and something like an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (you might care to read about it: - it costs US$100).

    Using speakers like the ones you have, I very much doubt you will ever hear the difference.

    I think you are wasting money buying a sound card like the Xonar.
  2. Well I have to confess of all the different aspects of a PC and the building there of, the audio side of things is something not only 'I', but most people don't give much thought to, maybe I was wrong in assuming that a sound card of £150 will help my speakers sound better than everday onboard audio, and if that's the case then you're response has saved me some cash (thanks for that), surprises me though to be honest, of course I didn't expect to hear Angels singing in my cochlea but still...
    I'm knocking up a decent rig which is long overdue and I had in my mind that I may as well put in a good sound card to compliment my speakers, to be continued

    Cheers mate...
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