Lga 1156 connector what is the purpose of this mother board

what is its purpose on the motherboard?
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  1. Hello,

    That's where the CPU goes. 1156 is a socket type.
  2. LOL, why dont you try it without anything in the connector and see how far you get. Please read up on basic computer hardware terminology. Or learn to use google.
  3. your a ******* ass hole, person ask for a answer and you reply you google when maybe you should in fact you should use google because you couldn't give said person a good answer. when in fact the LGA 1156 works with intel celeron, core i3, i5, i7, Pentium, and the Intel Xeon.
    As for the purpose for the LGA 1156 connector which stands for land grid array it is designed to take the 1156 pin processor. such as the Intel "clarksdale" processors without the "socket" you cant put in a processor. AMD has a different type of "socket" and different pin configurations.
  4. 1156 socket connect cpu to the motherboard bus. Main purpose.

    @Danielbly91, he suggest for google cause google will give detail answer with example. Cool down.
  5. yeah i will i was very intoxicated last night my bad
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