I got the right cable and setting for my tower to connect to the TV. I'm actually on it now. My question is how do I connect the sound up through the TV. From what I read in other posts....I need a male headphone to RCA adaptor (R/W).....which hole on my 5.1 surround sound card does that plug into the black, green, or orange and where do I hook the male/male RCA cord on the TV considering I'm using the PC outlet on the TV?
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  1. The standard stereo output would use the green connector. If your card and tv both have an HDMI connector then use that, You might need to enable digital audio as the default sound device in sound properties. If both tv (or stereo/amp) and soundcard have SPDIF connectors then that presents another option for you to use.
  2. TV has HDMI, but my computer doesn't. I will be using the HDMI soon anyway when I get cable again. I'll just stick to the PC outlet on the TV. I currently have PC Speakers hooked up, but I'm gonna move out the armoire in a few and plug it to the TV. Not quite sure where, but trial and error I'll find it.
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