Need a new cpu fan please help?

hi ive recently built a new pc and 1 month in i cant stand the excessive sound of the amd phenom II x4 955 stock cooler. ive had trouble finding a new one to fit. i have a msi 870a -g46 motherboard but i want a cooler not to intrude on the space for the ram and this is where im having trouble. if you would kindly help thankyou
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  1. Have you bought any additional case fans on top of the ones the case came with? If you haven't, I would strongly recommend buying at least one fan to put on the side of your case as an intake. It will force air onto the heatsink, and cooling efficiency will shoot up.

    I know this from experience. I built a system about a month ago with that same processor, and at first was running it with only one case fan (intake at the front). Idle it was a bit too loud for comfort, under load it sounded like there was a small aircraft taking off in my room. It was spinning up to around 5000 RPM. I had to have the side panel off in order to stop it getting too hot, which in turn made it sound louder

    I then bought three 120mm case fans (£10 for the lot, including postage) and set them up as a side intake, rear and top exhausts. Temperatures went down by a few degrees on average, but the big drop was in CPU fan speed. It now never goes above 2500 RPM even at full load, which is acceptably quiet.

    Long story short, invest in case fans before looking into aftermarket CPU coolers. The fans a cheaper, easier to install and benefit the rest of your system as well.
  2. Quote:
    the C3 revision of the phenom 955 (the more recent C3 Phenom 955s) come with a noisy heatsink fan even in an Antec 1200 case it is loud.

    True, it is still noisier than an aftermarket cooler would be, at least in part because the fan is so small. But it is several times quieter now that I have additional case fans. I would strongly recommend trying that first; if it's still too noisy, then go for a new cooler
  3. I just built my pc using a 955 also and couldn't stand the noise. I think it would also be worth checking out the xigamatek gaia. Its near silent at full speed. It was tall enough to clear all my ram. It is a similar cooler to the cooler master hyperp 212+.
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