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    Well, i think your laptop HDD will be a serious bottlekneck on your proposed system as they generaly perform worse than a full fat desktop HDD, also your new build will probably require a full re-installation of your OS, so you may aswell get a new HDD like the SAMSUNG F3 1TB drive, as long as you have your OS licence key then you will be ok to use your current OS on a new system, by the way what OS is it ?
  2. Also i would not bother with that CPU cooler, get an Arctic Freezer PRO instead.
  3. its windows vista allthough i will probly upgrade the os, hard drive, and graphics card i would like to get the build going so i can have somthing to play with for now
  4. your laptop wont hdd wont boot if you move it to another Mobo. You'll need an OS. Whnatever MOBO you buy should include all appropriate cables.
  5. It was three 4 gig memory sticks, ill check that build it is within my budget
  6. Ah ok, well don't forget the promo code on the ram I posted, it makes it a much better buy than what you had.
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