One video card for each monitor or two cards in sli

I'm building a new system and looking for some advice on video cards. I've got the i7 2600K processor, 2 x 2gb of Ram, Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case, 1 TB 32 MB Seagate Barracuda, and Rosewill 700 Watt power supply. Now I need something to power my 2 22in LCD's.

I don't need the best equipment but I'm looking to optimize this build by doing things like having the page file on a separate drive and keeping my second monitor from impacting my gaming. So my question is what's more efficient, One video card for each monitor or two cards in SLI?

Option 1 - One video card for each monitor

Primary Monitor - GeForce GTX 560
Secondary Monitor - GeForce GTS 450

(Then in the future maybe adding a 3rd card to SLI the GTX 560's)

Option 2 -

2x GeForce GTX 460's in SLI -

I'm sort of torn between the two options. Option 1 would give me a much better card for gaming on my main monitor and having a second card would keep my second monitor from loading down the good one. However given that while gaming my second monitor is mostly idle, there would be a lot more power in two combined GTX 460's.

Thoughts? Anything else I should be aware of? Regarding SLI ( I haven't built a computer in almost 8 years)

I'd like to complete this build within the next month but mostly constrained by the motherboards being re-released. Budget is under $400
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  1. I would buy the 560 alone now, as it can power 2 monitors alone and then game on a single display. And then SLI the 560s and you should have enough power to play on 3 monitors or in 3D if you want.
  2. definitely go for 1 video card to 2 monitors... the first option (GTX560 + GTS450), is a waste of resources for your needs
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