Help me choose between E5700 & E6300

Ok, so i currently have aging E2140 1.6ghz, which definitely needs an upgrade.

In my budget, I've finalized these two processors, E5700 3.0ghz 800bus & E6300 2.8ghz 1066bus.

The E6300 costs a bit more than the E5700.

So, is the E6300 really any better than the E5700? I know the 200mhz doesn't matter, but does the 266 extra bus make a big difference?

The rest of my PC specs are pretty good.
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  1. C'mon guys, i thought this was a good website to ask such questions. :(
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    if your into overclocking, the higher multiplier and stock clock speed of the 5700 makes it a better option. If you wanted to you could drop back the multiplier and increase FSB of the 5700 to make it 1066fsb...... essentially making it an e6600....
  3. Well, my friend told me that since my RAM is 800bus, a 1066bus CPU won't be able to use its full potential, and that i should get the 800bus CPU instead.

    I guess I'm gonna go with the E5700 after all.
  4. rubbish, ram speed can be run independantly of cpu fsb. your friend is an idiot. they actually make 1333 fsb cpus, but dont make 1333mhz ddr2 ram. if your friends logic was true this would really stuff things up........ just a side note, even if you ran the ram at 667mhz, you would see maybe 1/2 FPS decrease in performance.........what im getting at here is that ram speed isnt that important.

  5. I ended up buying a E5700. Hopefully it won't disappoint me.

    Thank you iam2thecrowe for your help!
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