GTX 580 used vs GTX 570

Hello, I can grab a GTX 580 used, for almost the same I can get a GTX 570 new for. The 570 comes with 2 games, 3Dmark 11, (20 dollar one) and a 20 dollar giftcard. The 580 is just the card and box, which should I get?
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  1. Personally I'd go for the 580 because it kicks ass, but a 570 is still an awesome card and of course that does sound like a good deal...

    Honestly either way you can't go wrong. Unless maybe you have plans for HUGE displays or something.
  2. i would get the GTX 580 too, its the fastest single GPU on the planet.
  3. If you have the chance go for the extra oomph of the GTX 580. There actually are games out there that need the extra power, well maybe two.
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