About my pc hanging problem

my pc is hanging after 5-6min from starting....i m sure and i have tested my hard drive, motherboard that there are no problem with these,,,,now what should i do..???pls suggest me....
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  1. - sure not under oc , do Clear Cmos
    - check fan cpu spinning
    - test ram with memtest86+ (use 1 stick also try in different slot )
    Other posible then check conection keyboard, check cable from psu to mobo, try use other cable HDD
  2. I've seen hanging chads, hanging plants, hanging are...but why hang a PC? Did it offend you?

    On a more serious note, we are talking a hard freeze, right? Not a BSOD or lockup and immediate automatic reboot? Did you recently install any new hardware, such as a graphic card, sound card etc.? Have you installed any new USB devices? Did your machine run Windows update sometime in the night? The first thing I would do it disconnect all USB peripherals except the keyboard and mouse and see if you are still locking up.
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