Having issues with new ram, "Unable to use X amount"

I have a Asus P6T Deluxe with a 1366 i7-930. No OC, no bios changes; All default.
Up until yesterday I had This in the MB. I bought This and installed all 6 into the MB. No issues. But the computer only recognizes 16gb of the 24. It saying it in the Computer > Properties: Memory 24gb ( only 16gb is useable ). (Windows 7 btw)

I did not touch the bios either. Anyone able to give me some insight?
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  1. Check your BBCode style.

    Try with each stick, one at a time. See if two actually have problems.
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    What kind of Windows 7 are you using? Because home Windows 7 home premium max is 16GBs. Pro is 192GBs.

  3. ^smart
  4. Wow... I have home premium... I can't believe theres a limit on that...
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  6. It's called "Microsoft wants your money." Dark times, these...
  7. kajabla said:

    I wasn't trying to use BBC. I didn't see any indicators on the post page that they were allowed. Sorry. Im new to the site.
    Anonymous said:
    It's called "Microsoft wants your money." Dark times, these...

    And this is any different from any other time they've been around?
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