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hi guys. my motherboard is D915. it has a pci express slot. i want to know whether 9500GT 1 gb is compatible with the board or not.
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  1. Yes, you have a PCIe slot that will fit the 9500GT.
  2. Don't get a 9500gt unless you are paying $20 for it. List your full system specs including what power supply you have and what you want to do with the system.

    People tend to ask the wrong questions here often, instead of asking if a card will work, why not ask what card would be good to use for a situation?
  3. The 9500GT is a very low budget video card for multimedia. I wouldn't use it for games and 1GB is wasted on that card since the card is too slow to take advantage of 1GB of VRAM.
  4. thanx for the nice suggestions guys.
    my system specs are:
    3.2 Ghz, board is intel d915 having a pci express slot, 2 GB of Ram DDR2. power supply 300 watts.
    Another thing i cant understand is that how the memory is wasted because of the slowness of the card. which card is suitable for my PC and of which memory 512 kb or 1 gb. i m a casual gamer and want to have a graphic card in my PC . thanx
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    RAM on video cards is used to store textures and files that the card works on setting up for putting on the screen. The larger the memory space, the more it can work on at once without going back to the computer RAM or hard drive. The actual speed of the card affects how fast the card does the work on this. A 9500gt is a slow card, so having a large amount of memory won't do it any good since it will be spending a large amount of time processing the data. Much like needed to empty a lake (in this case video info) using buckets. You give 2 people the same size bucket (amount of video RAM), but one walks half as slow as the other (the 9500gt card), it will take twice as long.

    You should get the Radeon 5570, it will perform pretty well, will match your system well (maybe even outrun it a bit but you can move it to a new compter later), and should cost about the same as a 9500 which is several times slower.

    Hope that explanation helped with sorting out the video card question. Never ever ever judge a card by how much RAM it has.
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