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I'm trying to install my i7-2600k CPU into a msi P67A motherboard, and lowering the metal arm that holds the CPU in place seems to require all too much force. I'm scared to push it down because I don't want my CPU to break. How much force should the arm require to be put down, if any? Any tips on what I should do? I've tried loosening the screws that hold the arm in place but they're so short I can only loosen them so much until they pop out. Any help?
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  1. As long as the cpu is in the socket properly you should be ok. There is a little yellow arrow on the chip as well as groves, so it can only go in one way. The lever can take a decent amount of pressure to secure the chip. You can try gently wiggling the metal bracket on top of the chip(don't move the chip around) as you lower the lever.
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