Is this useful?

hey everybody

im looking to use up 2 5.25" bays on my antec six hundred case and all i can really find is fan control lcd displays .... altough they sound useful my asus motherboard has fan control covered so im looking at:

antec Multimedia Station Premier

im wondering is it useful ? and how well it works?

thank you
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  1. I have a friend with the 1 bay model and he says the software it comes with is garbage. That certainly looks impressive though.

    edit - I spoke with him and he says you can do everything control wise with a regular media center remote except turn the pc on & off, which is why these units piggyback onto the 24pin motherboard connector. Display wise, he says his shows the time when the pc is off and doesnt like that as he has enough clocks in his living room (I think we all do)
  2. Thanks that's good to know about the software. Do you know was he able to integrate it with his own software ? Something like Windows media center
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