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USB Flash Card reader does not work in Win7

Here's a silly problem. I have some perfectly good USB flash-card readers from Transcend. They work just great on my XP office machine, and on my home machine if I dig out my XP boot drive and boot XP. But Win7 can't use flash in this device. Disk Management shows the correct size but can't show Properties; no drive letter is assigned, and I can't see the drives. They all work just find under XP.

Anybody know a solution? I hesitate to go buy another brand of reader; USB is supposed to be plug-and-play. [:wyomingknott:1]
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    Hi WyomingKnott,

    Is it one of the old ones? From my experience, as a photographer, I know that not all work in W7 without drivers or new firmware. I have couple of them just like that.

    Maybe they have some support on their web : )

    Try your luck....
  2. It's a P5, which claims compatibility with Win7.

    I just pocketed the one from work, a P5/P6 (that's what it says on the back, which may show how much of a difference there is) to see if it works at home on 64-bit Win7.

    Thanks, I had gone to their Web site first, just forgot to mention it.

    EDIT: You're a photographer, and work with computers. Do you know how they get all those little pictures into the computer to use for buttons (riddle; not a serious question)?

    They use an icon camera.

    ... love to take photographs
    Mama don't take my Kodachrome away.
    (Of course, there is no Kodachrome any more)
  3. It's later, and I am home. I tried the newer Transcend on my Win7 box, with the same result.

    With a microSDHC card in it, Device Manager shows it as Storage Volumes - Unknown Device. Disk manager shows it as "Disk4, Removable,, 14,92 GB, Online." Any attempt to show Properties results in "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. If the problem persists close the Disk Management consolse, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer."
  4. And the Sony MRW-F3 does work with my cards and Win7.

    Although it was advertised as working with MicroSDHC, if you try to insert one it's pretty much the same as dropping a floppy disc in a toaster. It rattles around, falls out if you turn it upside down, and doesn't do anything useful. The small print says that it requires an adapter, which is not provided. Since I've got half-a-dozen of them lying around, no problem.
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