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Hi Guys

Just built myself a new build the following specs: Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 motherboard, 4Gig Corsair Ram, 2xWestern Digital 500Gb Hard Drives, CollerMaster TX3 Heatsink, Phenom 555 unlocked to all four cores, GTX460(768MB) GPU and a 650W PSU.

The rig boots up ok and goes to BIOS etc but the problem is that no matter I try, I cannot install Windows 7. I have succesfully installed Vista and XP but even then they were not without their problems, even after I have installed and updated all drivers. I no Windows 7 is ok as i successfully installed it on my laptop. All i get is it says that the operating system is not compatiable with the hardware.

Even on Vista the screen is very jumpy and sometimes even unreadable. The sound is absolutely terrible and it is more like a scratched record than music.

Have i done something wrong putting it together or could there be a problem with some part of the rig.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Maybe try installing Windows with the 555 as a dual core, then unlock it afterwards.

    I had a bit of trouble with something like that and a 550 a while back...
  2. Thanks for that suggestion and I did exactly that. Pleased to say it worked a treat. I have since unlocked the cores and everything goes pear shaped again, so i can only presume the cores are faulty so Ive left it running on two cores. Bit disappointed but not the end of the world. At least im up and running and thats what i was after so cheers.
  3. Maybe try just unlocking one of the two cores...
  4. Unlocked one core at a time and unfortunately computer kept playing up so just keeping it on two cores until i save up for a better processor.

    However, I have another problem now. My slave WD is getting error messages on boot up telling me to back up the drive and replace it as its failing. I am trying to copy the files I need onto my other drive but it is taking for ever. I'm getting transfer speeds of about 100kbs between the two drives. It took 50 minutes just to transfer 4Gb of avi files, and bearing in mind there is about 225gb of stuff to copy over I'm demented

    Is this due to the failing drive or is there another problem that I need to be looking at?
  5. yeah your drive sounds like its going if its old or been bumped or for the speeds there is nothing you can do there exept turn of anything thats running on your hdd and free up som of those rpms you got lft to tranfer your files even try just doing it in safe mode or safe mode with networking that will free up your drive abit...let me know if that helps
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