GTX 570 vs GTX 480

Hello, I have potential to get either of these cards. The GTX 480 is only 299.99 with a huge sale on it, and the GTX 570 is 299.99 as well but comes with a few extra things, I will post the links to both, need a reply asap if someone can please!
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  1. Get the GTX 570. Performance is nearly the same, but the 570 is more power efficient, much quieter, and cooler. $300 is a great price.
  2. I would go with the 570 also. Runs cooler, less power draw.
  3. yeah get the GTX 570.

    if you run a resolution thats higher than 1920x1200 then i recommend the GTX 480
  4. Nah I've got a 1920x1080
  5. ok then get the GTX 570 :)
  6. the 480 still bypasses the 570 on benchmarks. but its up to you which one you wanna get, they're both crazy nice cards.
  7. eh. i wont argue with you. i have 580's anyways so i win no matter what. but i still think the 480 is faster.
  8. Depends on the test and the set up I would think. 480s are really really warm though.
  9. I've got a 1% difference on this page in favor of (click to find out):

    But still, as a former owner of a GTX 480, you really need to go with the GTX 570 to keep things much quieter. The only way I would go for the GTX 480 is if you were getting one of the very nice custom models like the Gigabyte SOC or MSI Lightning.
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