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Mobo question

Ok here the thing

i have a old pc that ive upgrade a little for some game a year ago for when friend come home

athlon 64x2 4600+ (upgrade to phenom x4 915)
4gb ram ddr2pc3200
amd 5670 gpu (well replace a old 8800 that die)

ive test diablo 3 beta and the game didnt seem to even have 30 fps on everything low (at 1080

but there the thing im wondering about

im using a Am2 board

aus m2n32sli deluxe

could replacing my mobo for a am3+ board could improve performence?
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  1. The Phenom X4 915 is Socket AM3, the 3+ board won't provide any noticable advantage over an AM3 board (which are real cheap now) BUT... you'll have to upgrade ram to DDR3 also (not too expensive). If you do upgrade to AM3+, you'll be poised for a Piledriver upgrade when it's released. You'll get a little more performance out of the processor but I doubt you'll see a major change in frame rates (I could be wrong).
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    Yep, and an upgrade (either AM3 or AM3+ and the corresponding ram upgrade) will give you more performance out of the CPU you currently have which is AM3. I don't know that it'll be a huge leap in performance though.
    But I am confused since the AM3 has 941 pins and the AM2 940 pins... how does that work? Is the processor the 9150e (AM2+)? Then upgrading would involve mobo, ram and CPU.
  3. no the processor is am3+

    some am2 board supporte am3 cpu with bios upgrade but i was not sure how much the north bridge (and ddr2 ram) would limite the performence of such upgrade
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