Someone please help me find a motherboard.

This is my first time building a computer so I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on anything I have done wrong.

I do not plan to overclock.

I also need someone to help me choose a motherboard for this build. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Tower : Cooler Master HAF 912 [...] =C283-2094

CPU : I am wondering if I should get the old sandy bridge i5 or go with the new ivy bridge i5.

GPU : Radeon HD 6950 2GB [...] 6814102987

PSU : Antec 620W [...] 6817371031

RAM : Patriot G2 Series 8GB [...] u=P33-5305

HARD DRIVE : Seagate 1TB 7200RPM [...] SD-1000AS7

OPTICAL DRIVE : Sony Optiarc [...] 1030%20OEM

SOUND CARD : Creative Labs Sound Blaster [...] u=C44-3400

MOTHERBOARD : For this I am wondering between three motherboards. I do not completely understand motherboards at this time so I'm hoping someone can help me choose one. Also I rather spend a little more for a good mobo that will last me a long time. These are the ones I found. [...] =G452-1047 [...] 6813131786

Are my video card CPU and PSU all compatible with each other? And is there anything wrong with these parts and any suggestions on new ones? Also please help me find a motherboard lol. THANKS!
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  1. As for your CPU, I would recommend the newer, 3570k rather than the 2550k/2500k.
    They're priced very similarly, and the newer IB only offers incremental upgrades and no disadvantages, so why not?

    As for the mobo, it seems both of your links are broken :S (also you mentioned three motherboards, but only 2 broken links).
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