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Just built the following system:
MSI 570gtx
Apacer Giant II 2x2gb 1800mhz ram
Cougar 650watt psu
WD caviar blue 1tb sata3
Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3

First time i booted it up it worked flawlessly, but I didnt use the pc much.

Next morning (second time turning it on), it froze while booting on the bios load screen (gigabyte graphic with white background). I pressed the reset button, and it rebooted perfectly all the way into windows etc. Turned it off after playing around with it for a while.

Few hours later, I turned it on and the fans spin up, LED's on the mobo light up, and then about 2 seconds later it reboots before getting any further. It then gets stuck in this reboot cycle, only 'booting up' for about 2-3 seconds each time.

I checked all connections inside, ram, fans, etc. Turned psu off and on many times, tried using different wall sockets etc.

But ive still got the same problem. What could be causing this?? The thing is that it worked normally on the first boot, then had a bit of a hiccup on the second boot but still managed to boot up fully after resetting, but then from attempt no.3 to attempt no. 50 it just gets stuck in this cycle!

I didnt change any hardware, settings etc. I didnt open the case, or plug in anything additional after the first successful boot. The PC was basically untouched, other than changing the wallpaper etc :lol:

Please help. Could it be a faulty mobo or psu?
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  1. Well, the PSU is dubious. Cougar sells a few good ones but I don't think that is one of them.

    First thing though would be to follow the checklist:
  2. Cougar is great... I've never heard of any problems at all with cougar products.

    Are you sure it's not overheating? Have you applied thermal paste and installed the HSF properly?

    You may want to try resetting the CMOS as well
  3. All Cougar PSUs are made by HEC. The only one I'm aware of that fits that description "650W" is a Zephyr, which I don't have any good reviews on. The newer Cougars have been properly reviewed and are good.
    HEC should not be fully trusted for PSUs just yet.
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