Dual CPU Mobo for Xeon E5-1650

Hi, Newbie here,
I want to build a dual processor machine for intensive CFD modelling.
I am considering the Xeon E5-1650. Any suggestions for a Mobo that supports dual E5-1650 Xeons.
The reason i am going for this Xeon (over i7-3930K) is support for dual CPUs. Is that correct that i7 doesn't support dual CPUs?
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  1. I have not seen (nor heard of) a dual i7 machine. Think you are stuck with Xeon (which isn't bad really). As far as server motherboards, there are a lot of them and I personally wouldn't know how to narrow them down - here's a list of what NewEgg has as far as dual intel CPU mobos. I am sure it is not all inclusive but it is a start (some of these boards are rediculous!)
  2. C12Friedman said:
    here's a list of what NewEgg has as far as dual intel CPU mobos

    Looking at Dual LGA 2011 boards:
    they all list CPU type as Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series. Will E5-1650 work with these?
  3. The E5-1650 is a single socket processor. You need an E5-26xx series for dual sockets. They have a second QPI to communicate between them and of course are more expensive.
  4. I do not know about consumer intel CPUs but Robohare is right, Xeon e5-16xx series is mono-socket oriented, basically they do not QPI link as xeon e5-26xx series do. Though xeon e5-16xx CPUs are robusts in many ways and am not so sure you need multi socketed motherboard for what you do?
    Are you sure dynamic modeling on your software is only CPU and/or CPU cores intensive or does it require memory and memory bandwith as well as GPU Open GL or DirectX for calculation? I would advise to research about the program you use to make the best/speediest/smoothest dynamic calculation cruncher system and if the only focus is to be CPU oriented then go ahead with xeon 26xx series
  5. Hi. I know that a e5-1650 can only operate as a single processor, but can it still be run on a dual 2011 socket motherboard as a single processor?
  6. Yes it works, you can run it as a single cpu in a dual cpu board, at least in mine it can. ive a Z9PE-D16 and it runs a E5-1650, quite good actualy
    Geekbench 3081 single core and 17532 multi core, 32GB 12800R installed.

    The other slot is waiting to the day i can afford two E5-2687s. The dual E5-26xx E5-46xx cores with high clocks are still very expensive, so i think this is a quite good temporary solution, until they get a bit cheaper.
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