I am by preference an intel junkie, but can the llano processors do anything to sway me over?

1] Is it overclockable.
2] Does it improve the integration between integrated graphics and dedicated.
2] Any positives over Intel?
4] Recommended AMD llano builds?
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  1. 1. Yes, it can be overclocked, but it must be done the old fashion way. Since the multipliers are locked you can only increase the FSB.

    2. They can do hybrid Crossfire with another Radeon card. If I remember correctly, it only works up to a Radeon HD 6670 video card. A faster card will automatically switch off hybrid mode.

    3. Better integrated graphics compared to what Intel has. Probably makes it better as a HTPC especially since Radeon has scored better than nVidia (Intel was excluded) cards in video quality Blu-Ray playback. In a general PC machine, it make more sense to build a PC around a Phenom II CPU than a Llano APU.

    4. As stated, good for building a HTPC.
  2. It is a major bummer, the pricing of this range of processor is very tantilising, but if a Intel i3 can put a quad to sleep, then it is not looking good for the future of AMD.

    Essentially what I am looking for is a AMD specialist to convince me that an AMD is the way to go. As we all now, cost means nothing at the end of the day when performance is everything. So I re-interate, Can AMD offer anything to Intel?
  3. at the moment, it's hard not to choose Intel for desktop....

    HTPC and low cost builds aside...
  4. My friend's i3 drives me crazy because of poor multimedia smoothyness and lagging while he likes it. While it has better specs than my old Acer with AMD dual cores and Radeon integrated graphic, the Acer is just smoother for my needs.

    Since I'm not you, I cannot advice what it will gives you more. Just get one and try it.
  5. Llano is great for inexpensive Laptops.
  6. Well im defo thinking of using one for my media center PC.
  7. If the future of AMD's APU's improves to the extent that the performance is comparible (not exact, not better, just comparible) to the higher end Intel Processors, coupled with diversifying the llano's from lower end (intgrated 66-67) to more higher end (intgrated 68-69 RADEONs) then AMD will have a great all round platform. I would have no quelms in that case of going AMD.
  8. Go AMD if you want integrated GPU power

    Go Intel if you want CPU power

    That's the simple answer. For most users, AMD can provide enough CPU power and Intel can provide almost enough GPU power...

    Just up to what you prefer.
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