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Its a simple as that really...

In peoples opinion, which is the best 570 to get? I really like the look of the Gainward Phantom for both noise, thermals and looks. But the lack of "official" support for voltage tweaks concerns me, as ultimately I will want to oc.

The other Gainward (the Gold Sample) is a really good card but slightly out my price range. That leaves the likes of the Asus DirectCU and maybe a Gigabyte, but I cant find one with the Windforce cooler.
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    Psycho beat me to it! Oh Psycho im now a proud owner of Sandy Bridge :)...Just need to get a new heatsink so i can overclock...i5 2500k
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    Welcome to the collective

    thanks!...was actually my 1st build...i'll post pictures once i get my heatsink
  3. Is the dc2 really that good that it's worth the 3 slots? Coz that part is pretty annoying.
  4. ohhh damn, ok i just assumed they used the same cooler lol.
  5. well, seems like the Asus GTX 570 DirectCU II is the card to choose, damn that cooler is a beast :D
  6. That cooler looks like a Hyper 212 plus cut in half.
  7. Agreed, the cooler looks awesome on the Asus. But keep in mind that it takes up 3 slots! Why do you need to put up with that extra requirement when you have an alternative card (MSI Twin Frozr II) does the job? Believe me, when it comes to cooling/ noise, MSI is downright awesome! No complaints!

    How many times will you open up your rig and admire the looks of the cooler? :P At the end of the day, its the cooling and low noise levels which matter, right? IMP(practical)O, you should get the MSI Twin Frozr II if you can get your hands on it. The brand is brilliant!
  8. Hmm the Asus does look good. I am from England and both the Asus and the MSI come in at the same price, which I might add, is very good :)

    It seems the Asus is stock clocked where as the MSI comes with a slight clock bump. What is the max overclocking on these two cards like? I'm at work atm so can't really look but will check it out myself when I am on lunch.

    Plus with the MSI I get Afterburner :)

    As a note I am completely ignoring EVGA and Zotac as they seem to all use ref coolers.
  9. Ok so I read the review on the Asus card.

    Overclocking without voltage tweaks is pretty poor but when you alter the voltage it seems that pretty much all 570's perform around the same, topping out at around 900 Mhz. Based on reviews on TechPowerUp and some others it seems the Asus is actually one of the worst overclockers even when altering the volts, however this is by a few Mhz, which really isn't gonna make all that much difference.

    I agree with namelessonez tho, why 3 slots?? Ok 2.5 slots, but you cant really use .5 of a slot can you? For me I think it is gonna come down to which is the quietest 570 out there and these are the contenders/only three which really have a decent aftermarker cooler:

    Asus DirectCU 2
    MSI Twin Forzr 2
    Gainward Phantom
  10. Read this review and in particular watch the video (skip to about 18 mins to avoid all the rubbish at the start)

    I think the new version of afterburner will allow voltage tweaks on the phantom, in which case, this guy got his model to 950Mhz on the core. Thats the best oc I have seen on a 570.

    Its a risk though as without the voltage tweaks, its no better than the ref 570..according to this review anyway.
  11. The Afterburner with MSI is a brilliant software! Go one step ahead and try using the Kombustor software as well! It allows for some very fine tweaks n stuff. Very efficient. The latest Afterburner does allow voltage tweaks, so no issues there.

    I had serious issues with temp's on my 470 (which is known for its high temp's). It used to top off at 102, which is when I realized that there's a software called afterburner. A little playing around with the fan profile, I managed to bring the temp's down to 92 max (Crysis, Avp DX11, Metro 2033). A bit more playing around and I've finally managed to restrict the temp's to 82-83, which is not bad at all for fermi!

    Your 570 will anyways be running a lot cooler, even with a stock fan. Imo, anything which gives better cooling than the stock fan is a bonus. Remember that can further tweak the fan settings/ profile with Afterburner.
  12. Well thats fair enough I guess. Cant really see, but it he using a DirectCU2 cooler or water cooling?
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