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Recommendations for a PSU

I am looking for a PSU under $60 which can handle good cards like gtx 460 or any other good cards
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    I like XFX Core Edition: It's manufactured by Seasonic so you know it will be reliable. It will be under your budget after MIR though :( if the budget is firm then.. you really should go with what buzznot offered.
  2. what should i like for when getting a psu? i got this cheap psu off ebay for free which has 26a on 12v+ the brand is Echostar
  3. Well to start off, you don't want to buy an unknown brand or crappy one which is pretty much what you went off and did anyway... you want your power supply to be reliable and able to handle what you throw at it so it should have at least 80% efficiency. The brands you should go for at a budget level is eitehr Antec and XFX. Corsair and Seasonic ones are good but they usually cost more. Anything manufactured by Seasonic is pretty much expected to be good haha. Seasonic is an OEM manufacturer that makes their own and other companies' power supplies :P
  4. OK Thanks I have about $180 for a PSU, GPU, MOBO which ones should i get? I am planning to build AMD machine and thinking about crossfire too (if psu can handle)
  5. can you tell me more psu under total of $60 will realy appreciate it
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