Replacing mobo in Dell Studio XPS 9000 case

First off, thank you for taking the time to read this post! Here's my scenario:

Right now I am using a Dell Studio XPS 9000 computer. It has an i7-975 3.3GhZ processor which hasn't done me wrong. I've been running into some issues with the motherboard as it is a few years old and doesn't support some of the newer things I'm hoping to do (high capacity drives for one). This motherboard has caught my eye and I would like to, if possible, replace the current mobo (and power supply) that is in the Studio with this one (also plan on taking the i7 along over to the new board). Will it be as easy as simply swapping out the boards/processor and reconnecting the components? From what I've read, the Studio 9000 has a standard ATX board in it. I'm just a bit weary as this is something I haven't done before, so I figured that getting advice and opinions from folks like you all would be for the best.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your responses!
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  1. Your Dell PC is licensed under the windows OEM license through Dell and is tied to the motherboard. if you replace the board you will have to buy a new windows license.

    I think you may need to better explain your issue. I wouldn't expect a board supporting an i7 to have issues with high capacity drives (but I could be wrong). So what do you want to do that you think your current board can't. and what is your current board?
  2. I'm not terribly concerned about the Windows 7 license (I'm an IST Student so Microsoft is kind to us) though I do appreciate you pointing that out!

    My issue is pretty much that I have a new 3TB HDD which is not being recognized by my current motherboard. I'm not sure if there is a new BIOS I can obtain to fix the issue, so I figured I'd start looking at replacement boards. Here are screenshots of my motherboard and processor specifications:

  3. Is there any other information that you'd like me to present?
  4. Here's the linch-pin to the whole thing, Look on the back of your studio XPS case. Does the I/O shield pop out?

    Y- you're in luck
    N- get a dremmel


    the only issues you'll run into is that the Dell cases are very propietary, so at 1st glance you wont see any issues with swaping out the PSU or mobo, but then come to find mid-upgrade that you can't fix the psu in or the ports for the mobo don't allign with the existing cut-out or of the I/o shield

    I/O Shield

    Also the Dimeions of the case may be comletely custom, and not allign with the Screw allignment of any other board - although I haven't run into this yet; compaq was really bad about this kind of sh*t.
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