No Red and Blue from 7300 GT

Well I am having this very odd problem

I have a 7300 GT with 512mb of DDR2 and the core clock at 350 mhz and Memory clock at 265 mhz and it went fine for an year or so after buying and after that i started having this very odd problem

whenever i would play Need for Speed: Most Wanted there was a good chance that i would lose blue color and all places where blue was supposed to be would become black/grey and even though this wont happen every time but most of the times it will but then after a few minutes and sometimes after 15-20 minutes or hours at some instances it would return back to normal and that was while still playing the game

later on i uninstalled the game and this problem never happen again

and i must add that NFS:MW wasnt the most graphics intensive game i was playing at that time nor the first

There were much more graphics intensive games i had played before and played at the same time and played after

a long time passes since i have played nfs:mw and even forgotten i had this problem with the blue and i start facing no red now
its totally random

i am sitting and doing nothing but browing a webpage or something and red will start flickering sometime and disappear and return back soon on its own while i would be beating my CRT considering it to be the culprit and then days and months will go by when i face a temporary red blackout and it will be back after a fixed time period and then again months will go by and this problem will return only with increased amount of outage and so on till early 2010 when the red was gone for a week or so and then months went by till end 2010 and there was no red for a couple weeks but at the same time i installed nfs:mw and the blue was gone while playing it and which is yet to return but red did return in early jan 2011 and is gone again yesterday

now i have a feeling that i will get my blue back when i start playing nfs:mw again but red .... i don't know how much time its gonna take before its back ...

so any one have any idea on what's going on?

i surely have tried everything in my knowledge including the drivers (reinstall/update/try old), checked all cable connections, checked my card seeting on the slot a 100 times and every other simple thing that comes to mind including the pins in the monitor cable to no avail...
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  1. are you using a VGA cable? replace it.
  2. i don't really know what cable is called a vga cable but if its the analogue cable running from GPU out to CRT in then its not the problem as i have tried it with different CRT's

    Also tried putting the card in the other PCIe slot (SLI) but the same issue remains

    And one more thing i noticed is the last two times i lost red was after playing Company of Heroes for a few days

    so can it have anything to do with the nvidia profiles or something?

    or its time i went out and got myself a new GPU? been sticking with this 7300 GT for some time and its stock fan makes it run smooth (under 75C) at the OC clocks of 477 Mhz core and 280 mhz memory

    the only problem is ever since i started searching on the internet i have seen there are so many other people with nvidia GPU;s facing these problems as well so i was wondering if someone here might know a way around it for i wont like avoiding nvidia ...
  3. Do you have any thing else to test that monitor with such as another system or card? To rule it out being the problem. If normal than it is the card but try new drivers and see what happens from there. Bad cable or bad connector.
  4. had same problem
    was the old Mitsubishi CRT monitor
    i read the post but I am not sure
    Have you tried a different monitor with different VGA (analogue-blue connector)
  5. i have tried 3 different CRT's so its not those

    and the drivers i have are the newest + i have tried uninstalling the drivers and then checking the display as well as trying some old drivers to no avail

    its definitely the card and has nothing to do with the drivers but not sure where the problem lies

    just want to know if anyone has figured out a solution that help avoid this problem with future nvidia cards and can help so many others suffering with same situation
  6. This type of issue is very rare period just purchase a new card and ditch the one you have.
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