I7 920 with good case fans and after market heatsink still hot.

cutting to the chase, my i7 used to peak at tj max basic case fans and the provided i7 920 heatsink. i changed that and temps have cut in half, but they still seem so high compared to what i hear everyone elses are at.
here are my specs.
Intel Core I7920 2.66 ghz (not oc'd)
Corsair Hydro H50
6 of them for the case
2 in push pull with the H50
EVGA GTS 250 512MB
EVGA GTX 460 1024MB superclocked (both gpus sit around 43-46 idle)
WD 640g caviar black
LG Optical Drive
Corsair 650W SLI ready PSU

ambient temperature in the house is roughly between 75-81*, my room usually runs a little warmer because of the PC (i live in socal).
I cleaned my pc, applied new thermal compound, and reseated the H50 obviously, cleaned all the fans etc. Nothing has changed, the temps are the same now as they were before, a little warmer now since the thermal compound has to settle.

I don't understand how people idle sub 40, I have NEVER seen those temps EVER! Does anyone have any clue as to what may be wrong?

Thanks in advance, i look forward to your responses, and thank you in advance.
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  1. Maybe check the case fans to figure out if the air flow is the best?
  2. I had already done that before posting.
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