Laptop graphics card update. plausable?

Ok so I have an hp elitebook 8540w, 15.6" screen, 160GB corsair SSD, 8gb ddr3 mushkin ram, and a crappy quadro 880m. Regardless of what hp says, is it possible to upgrade to say a 460m or something like that? I understand I would have to remove the actual chipset from the pci card and replace it and it would be a pain in the ass, but regardless, is it possible?
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  1. Judging by the CPU, it "may" be upgradeable to a 460M. Yet, I would not recommned upgrading unless HP offers the solution in a similar laptop, that have identical exteriors. Check if the laptop has MXM Type III B, thats the standard for laptop GPUs. Also, chack to make sure if the quadro 880m supports TDP of 75W, which is what the 460M, 470M and 5870M (also anything lower) support. Note, your motherboard may not recognize the card, so its your risk.
  2. Yeah it's near impossible to find a 460m barebone chip anyways so it looks like it won't be happening.
  3. What is your budget for buying a replacement GPU?

    you can find a GPU for a laptop from $150-550

    Cost of GTX 460m 1.5gb around $400
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