Need a mobo, but cant decide

So im planning to buy from this estonian retailer: Http:// - If you get google translate or chrome you can check it out.

So basically, i have a budget, im getting the 2500k and i need a mobo that would suit these needs:
lga 1155, supports sli OR crossfire (preferred SLI), it needs to be overclockable so i can overclock my cpu, it needs to support my ram (corsair vengeance 2x4gb), it needs to be matx or atx (but needs to be overclockable), i prefer asus or gigabyte cause im familiar with theyr bios.

Also, question:
Atheros lan chip - is that any good or should i stick with realtek ?

Ive been searching for a mobo for hours and days and i cant find a normal one from - My budget is max 110 euros for a mobo.
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  1. I found only two socket 1155 motherboards on that site. Both support overclocking and SLI/X-Fire The 1st board here is smaller (uATX) but offers the Z68 chipset (which provides onboard graphics)
    The second board is larger (atx) and has the P67 chipset which does not offer built in graphics (a dedicated graphics card is needed)
    Both are good boards but I personally would get the Z68 board (more features) of the two.
  2. my bitfenix merc beta case doesent support uATX so im gonna go with the other one.
  3. Just for clarification, your case (Bitfenix Merc Beta) does support microATX so it is a viable option. You'll just have to put the standoffs in the right spots.
  4. it does support matx but not uatx
  5. It is the same thing. Since there is no reversed y available on the US keyboard (the symbol for "micro") a lower case U is used for abbreviation. So uATX is the same as microATX (you're supposed to use your imagination and pretend the u is reversed and extends down on the left, like a reversed y would look).
    Sorry for the confusion.
  6. but should i just go with a fx8120, 990fx and a decent cooler and just overclock that processor ? i would still get a decent performance in games and multi/megatasking, livestreaming etc.
  7. Or hows this mobo:

    its no SLI, but 2x6870 can get 100fps in bf3 so thats good enough, i wont be upgrading my gpu soon anyways so...

    how wil it perform in overclocking etc ? will it support my corsair vengeance memory ?
  8. You won't get the performance of the 2500k for value going with the FX.
    The Asus P8Z68-V LX is a super nice mobo with overclocking support.
    I don't know the exact specs on you Corsair ram but here is a link to the motherboard's QVL, broken down by speed.
    you can also check Corsair's website for the QML for that ram
  9. yes, but it doesent have sli(which ir eally want), it doesent support my specific ram on the list (i dont want to run into *** situations like i have before with ram and mobo) and its so expensive with the 2500k.
    i can save 50 euros by going with gb-990fxa-d3 and 8120 and OC it to 4.0 or more :)
  10. I can't argue against the AMD approach, you will save $$$ and if you want SLI support, the P8Z68-V LX isn't the way to go not to mention the ram - I know about ram issues. AMD's (IMO) are fun to play with clocks on and if it supports your ram, great. With 8 cores you'll want some serious cooling.
  11. corsair h80, another 560 card and 800w+ psu is the next upgrade to my current mobo+ssd+cpu :)
  12. nice, should work with the Fx nicely, love SSD best thing ever for computers IMO.
  13. ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
  14. alright, gonna go with the fx then :)
    since i have a budget and i really want an sli then fx8120 is great :) 50 euros cheaper than the 2500k (H) and it overclocks like a beast aswell.

    i mean, it isnt yeah bette rthan 2500k but its not that much worse either, its just that they created so much hype so everybody had high hopes, but it wasnt as good so they trashed it, but its not that bad either. it can run anything i throw at it these days anyway - sooo :) win
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