PSU making ticking sound, hitting wire

I just got a new PSU, an Antec 750W that is an inch longer than my old Dell Bestec PSU. I installed it fine though it was kind of tight. Turn it on and it's making a ticking sound. I take it out and discover the PSU fan is hitting either a wire or cable tie around the wire inside the PSU. I pulled on the cables a bit and the sound went away.

When I put it back in, it ran fine for a the ticking started back up though not as loud. I tried pulling the cables out a bit but its still ticking. I could probably fix it if I took it back out, but every time it starts hitting it! What should I do? I bought it at Newegg.

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  1. If the unit is under warranty return it to where you bought it from, if you can’t return it you have nothing to lose in opening it up and moving the offending wires. Caution do not power up the power supply with the case removed.
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